Good Deed

So my old friend uh, Lets call him Dave. Dave recently started up a YouTube channel for some of his home work that involves reviews on certain pieces of hardware. To help him out I thought i’d check out some of his YouTube work and give him a few views/likes (as mates do). After a […]

Learn Windows PowerShell: First steps

I have started putting together a YouTube series on learning Windows PowerShell. At this stage I’ve just got the first two clips up but I am hoping to get the next couple up this weekend. So if you’re interested in Learning PowerShell with yours truly jump on over to my YouTube channel and check it […]


I am back and feeling refreshed (F5) after a long weekend away in the Snow in southwest New South Wales. Believe it or not it does snow in Australia! Getting out and exploring through the snowy mountains always gives that sense of how incredible the wilderness is and what an amazing time it is to […]

Code in the Project

I want to avoid going on and on about the actually code behind the things I’m working on at any given time although i’ll touch on a few pieces here that I enjoyed using: After getting extra creative with my scraping technique I was left with all of this raw un-formatted content in a text […]

Projects in PowerShell (continued)

So that Project that started out as 10 lines of code: All of the information on this map was scraped from real estate websites and pasted together into Google Maps. Sound simple enough right? This was roughly 20 webpages of data. The script has the potential to gather information from thousands of websites and place […]

Projects in PowerShell

Lately I have been getting home from work and rushing to turn on my Computer to jump into the PowerShell ISE. It is a pretty weird feeling working in the tech industry and then rushing home to do more scripting. Regardless I have been loving it. When I have a task ahead of me I […]

Practical learning in PowerShell

One of the most enjoyable moments when I am putting together a PowerShell script or even thinking about the process in which to tackle an automation issue is ‘brain storming practically’. that is, sitting in front of the PowerShell ISE and just working out exactly how its going to work. There is also the satisfaction […]