PowerShell oneliner contest

If you have not entered in HappySysAdm ‘Oneliner’ PowerShell competition head on over to his blog and submit your results to the (3) tasks before the 4th of July. I had a great time putting together my code for these tasks and am looking forward to seeing the what the PowerShell community has put together for this contest. […]

Windows Containers (Cows at the Farm)

The term “Farm” in I.T has become a bit more real with the introduction of Windows Containers. Basically Microsoft are wanting us to start treating our Servers like cattle rather than caring for them day and night for their every need. Its a simple concept really, Server sick or dying? Cool, kill it and you’ll […]

More PowerShell mashups (League of Legends)

I was thinking about putting something together in PowerShell that could be used along side League of Legends to give player statistics and ratings based on a summoner name. Being a casual gamer its always good to know who you’re playing against and what to expect when you enter a game. At first, my mind […]

PowerShell x Google Maps crossover

I recently published a video tutorial that highlights some of the work I have been getting myself into in my own time: Maps PowerShell Project The project itself is based on gathering larges amounts of data on real estate prices and locations from websites and passing those through PowerShell to end up on a Google maps […]