Python Tutorials

I am brushing up on my Python at the moment and I thought a good idea might be to put together tutorials of Python programming and the similarities to PowerShell. From today onwards (hopefully nightly if i get time) I will upload a short episode on learning Python and highlight how this relates to PowerShell […]


I’ve been playing around with (more) web request related PowerShell commands over the weekend. This was mainly sparked due to a post on Reddit/r/Sysadmin the other week where people from all over the industry were mentioning which I.T Podcasts they enjoyed listening to. Since then, I had to check them all out and make my […]

Nano Server – First steps.

Alrighty, if you are now just hearing about Nano Server you may of been living under a big fat deprecated rock or you’ve been busy doing other important things like killing off Windows Server 2003 from your environment. Regardless Nano Server is just around the corner and we can get ready for it now. There are […]

I.T Podcasts!

I am back after a 5 day internet drought due to some lovely handy-work at down at my local exchange. Turns out someone (or some disgruntled employee) decided to rip out about 40 phone line connections from the local exchange and just leave all the cables hanging out onto the ground.. good times. Anyhow, I […]

Active Directory Security on Users and Computers

This morning I put together an Orchestrator Runbook that went on and created some Server Clusters. It also created some SQL Availability Groups and assigns the Cluster Computer group full access rights to the AG Listener Group. One part of this process I specifically wanted to cover was Active Directory security settings for the objects […]

Free PowerShell eBooks

Some news popped up yesterday that there were some FREE eBooks to be given away over here. Despite the over usage of the world “FREE” being caps yelled at us constantly on the page (must be an American thing?) there is a great selection of eBooks to download. These Books range from Windows 10 management and […]