Generate Passwords as required

One of the great new additions in PowerShell v5 is that they have given us an Cmdlet option to the old: [Guid]::NewGuid() PowerShell v5 has given us the New-Guid cmdlet. Obviously the old way works just fine still however they have made it even simpler to generate a GUID when required. (or 20 GUIDS with the range operator!) […]

RSAT for Windows 10 – Windows Server 2016 TP3

What a big day for news in the Windows world! Firstly, we’ve got the release of RSAT for Windows 10 (link) but we’ve also got the Technical Preview 3 for Windows Server 2016. This release contains the Windows Server containers feature that we’ve all been waiting for. I’d suggest taking a look at the user […]

Trolling through Wireshark logs

So there I was. working away as normal, all of a sudden. “Hey mate, we’re going to kick off some test’s on these 10 servers, can you run a capture from Wireshark on for the next two hours, then pull out any 500 Internal errors?” 2 Hours later and down 3GB the trace was complete. Ok, […]

Work in the pipeline

No I don’t mean the PowerShell pipeline. I have multiple online courses that I am working on for a American based company called INE. The first series will be based purely on PowerShell for networking professionals. I take a lot of the functionality from the newer (v4 and v5) cmdlets for Windows Server 2012 and […]

August 2015 scripting games puzzle

If you have not yet had a chance to check out the August edition of the 2015 Scripting Games head over to and get involved! I have been absolutely swamped this last week so I am just getting a chance to look at it now. This month’s puzzle is based on Geo location information from […]


I had the chance to jump on a train this weekend and escape Sydney. Without a second thought I was off to the central coast of New South Wales to indulge in the serenity chirping birds rather than revving motorbikes. A picture perfect morning on the central coast, taken from the back yard of my […]