PowerShell Direct

Happy Weekend everyone. I wanted to put a quick video together to talk about PowerShell Direct. If you’re unaware of PowerShell Direct please check out the TechNet article discussing the topic here. The video going through how this works is up over on my YouTube channel now. I’ve also started putting together a video series covering certain topics […]

PowerShell Arrays

I’ve just finished editing my latest PowerShell tutorials series for INE.com which should probably be up on their website in the next few weeks. Phew!.. it’s been great making these last two series and I’ve learned quite a lot in regards to teaching and learning styles. All of this was based on feedback by viewers so […]

Nano Server Weekend!

So I wanted to spend as much time as possible this weekend playing with Nano server and going through a few cool bits and pieces. Firstly, just to show you that Nano server is really the future of Microsoft’s cloud based platform. Now that we’ve got our Nano server running let’s take a look at […]

October Scripting Games puzzle

Hey guys, Just a quick reminder about the Scripting games puzzles that are going on over at PowerShell.org. This month we have a great puzzle relating to working with XML data and RSS feeds. Be sure to give it a good go then check out what other people have submitted. Hopefully you’ll learn a trick […]

PowerShell and AWS

Happy weekend everyone! I’ve been having fun recently getting into the PowerShell toolkit for Amazon Web Services. Firstly, I must say that this tool is incredibly well built so big ups to the team at AWS for giving us the flexibility within this tool. Let’s take a look at how simple this tool is to […]

My first published work!

Just a quick check in. its been a bit quiet over on this blog for the last few weeks as I’ve been working on a PowerShell series relating to networking cmdlets in the later Windows Server operating System. That’s all finished up now and it’s been posted up over here. I’m already back to work […]