Match operator vs Select-String

I’ve been helping out some colleagues lately who are newer to PowerShell and the one question I’ve found that pops up is. “what’s the deal with the match operator, why does it return a whole line?” Well, sometimes this can actually be very helpful, say digging through a log you general want to return the […]

Creating Nano image on Server 2016 TP4.

Just a quick one to go through the steps of creating Nano server image on Windows Server TP4. First, Copy all the contents to a desired location on a local disk from the Server ISO. This is how I’ve got mine laid out, Notice the dates on the Convert-WindowsImage.ps1. If you’re using an older version […]

Watching Files in PowerShell

You might stumble upon a request of some sort throughout your journeys where you may be left asking yourself: ‘Ok I need a lightweight way of monitoring a directory/path or file for any changes. If a change is made I want to know about it. And possibly take some sort of other action’ This is […]

November Scripting Games 2015

The new scripting games puzzle is up over at go and give it a good shot then take a look at what others have put up. Its an interesting puzzle this month, This is the first time we’ve been given some code and asked to rewrite it to make it more efficient and cleaner. This […]