Using DSC Pull Server with role configurations

I wanted to make a quick video discussing DSC Pull server using role configurations. This appeared mid last year however I have not seen much fuss about it in the community. Essentially Microsoft are now saying stop using GUID’s to manage your .mof files on the pull server, rather start using human readable friendly names […]

DSC Package resource

This is one of the DSC Resources that a lot of people have pushed to the side since it’s somewhat over complicated for what it’s attempting to do which is simply install an .msi or .exe. The main problem with this resource is that it leaves a lot to the imagination when it comes to […]

New year, new module!

Happy new year to everyone! I hope you had a great new years with friends and family. To kick off the new year and to get started on my 2016 PowerShell goals I have uploaded the initial draft of my DSC Module for Windows (NLB) Network Load Balancer. This is my first real attempt at creating a custom […]