My simple regex guide

I really love Regular Expressions, each time I come across a tricky one its a like a little puzzle game! I wanted to go through a couple of ones that I noticed poping up more and more in forums and on slack chat. For this post i’ll be using Select-String (sls) and accessing the Matches […]

Windows Containers Walkthrough

In this video we go through the process of getting started with Windows Containers. From installation of the Container host through to running a few simple docker commands we’ll cover it all. I cannot explain how exciting it is to have Docker and Windows Server coming together to really align on a standard for Containers […]

Using Visual Studio with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Just a quick post with a clip discussing AWS: Elastic Beanstalk and its integration with Visual Studio 2015. The AWS Visual Studio plugin allows for a super fast and simple process of testing web applications in real environments. Check the clip as we go through an example of how you can start using beanstalk to automate the deployment of […]