Operations Validation Framework and Slack

I am back in Holland after an amazing PowerShell EU Conference in Germany. I must say, there were some really great presentations over the three day event and I believe everyone left the conference with something to go home and play with. A big thank you to all who helped organize the event, everything from food […]

Making DSC beautiful (Part 2)

So it turns out people really liked my take on DSC clashing with an arty website design (Thank you!). so, by popular demand I will dig into further detail about how I’ve got this setup in my home lab and how you can get this rolling also. So I mentioned in my original post that […]

Making DSC beautiful

The great thing about Desired State Configuration is that it allows a level of creativeness when it comes to how you wish to display your current configuration status of your nodes. However some people (understandably) dislike this concept and vote for having a configuration management tool to give them the over-governing level of abstraction which can […]

PowerShell.org Hero

I am honoured to of been awarded the PowerShell.org heroes award for 2016! Thank you to those whom put me forward for this, I am truly honoured. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone at PowerShell conference Europe coming up in a few weeks. Congratulations to all my fellow heroes for 2016!

Active Directory Forest Migration

Edit: Before reading, I want to make it clear that this is a very specific business case scenario in which you are migrating forest’s rather than introducing new 2012R2 Domain Controllers and demoting the 2008R2 DC’s. While this is a rare scenario I wanted to put some information out there encase anyone finds themselves in need […]