DSC: Be careful what you test for

When it comes to testing the state of our environment with Desired State Configuration it’s important to remember to keep it as lightweight as possible. Take the following scenario: You’ve built a custom DSC Module that installs, uninstalls or updates versions of a custom in-house piece of Software. A new version of the Software is […]

Test-Playground – Kitchen DSC for PowerShell

As a precursor to this post I want to thank Matt Wrock from Stephen Murawski Chef for all their hard work with Test-Kitchen and Kitchen-DSC. Testing DSC Modules and Resources can be cumbersome task when having to run them locally on your machine. You may end up with tons of different undesired configurations and files sprawled throughout your machine. […]

Making DSC beautiful (Part 2)

So it turns out people really liked my take on DSC clashing with an arty website design (Thank you!). so, by popular demand I will dig into further detail about how I’ve got this setup in my home lab and how you can get this rolling also. So I mentioned in my original post that […]

Making DSC beautiful

The great thing about Desired State Configuration is that it allows a level of creativeness when it comes to how you wish to display your current configuration status of your nodes. However some people (understandably) dislike this concept and vote for having a configuration management tool to give them the over-governing level of abstraction which can […]