Making Containers beautiful

One of the things I love about PowerShell is that it can be used as somewhat ‘sudo code’ to just write things that come to mind. Afterwards, if it turns out you are onto something great you can always come back with the C# hat on and make things more official. On that note, I had great feedback […]

Work in the pipeline

No I don’t mean the PowerShell pipeline. I have multiple online courses that I am working on for a American based company called INE. The first series will be based purely on PowerShell for networking professionals. I take a lot of the functionality from the newer (v4 and v5) cmdlets for Windows Server 2012 and […]


I had the chance to jump on a train this weekend and escape Sydney. Without a second thought I was off to the central coast of New South Wales to indulge in the serenity chirping birds rather than revving motorbikes. A picture perfect morning on the central coast, taken from the back yard of my […]

PowerShell x Google Maps crossover

I recently published a video tutorial that highlights some of the work I have been getting myself into in my own time: Maps PowerShell Project The project itself is based on gathering larges amounts of data on real estate prices and locations from websites and passing those through PowerShell to end up on a Google maps […]

Watching TV with PowerShell

I started playing with PowerShell for multiple different tasks outside of standard work/automation tasks a few months ago and have really got stuck into the endless potential it has. Over the weekend I have managed to create a GUI via PowerShell that allows you to watch TV stations from all around the world. I stood […]

Wednesday Ramblings

A couple of things I’ve come across during the week that I thought were worth sharing. Firstly, If you have not seen “The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz” and you are somewhat interested in either the tech industry or the freedom of information stop reading and head over to YouTube; check it out. Also […]


I am back and feeling refreshed (F5) after a long weekend away in the Snow in southwest New South Wales. Believe it or not it does snow in Australia! Getting out and exploring through the snowy mountains always gives that sense of how incredible the wilderness is and what an amazing time it is to […]